Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pirate Safety Day

Oh my word. "Pirate Safety Day" at the kids swim lessons was awesome. It was like a hilarious watershow complete with music and good looking actors. 

The kids seemed to have a good time too.

Hoisting Collin in.

Emergency doughnut.
Can you find Lydia and Collin? They're together.

"Mom? Why are you taking a photo."
Oh, no reason.
(Kristi, this photo is for you. SOOOO your type!)

Come on Collin! Walk the plank!

She caught him just before his head went under. 
Total pros.

Go Liddy!

Where's Collin?

There he is!
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  1. I am just looking at these. I forget about this little blog of yours. You nailed it with my type. Hello hotties in these pics! We don't have any like that at our would make the hot humid summers much more do-able!

  2. hello...arms of the dude on the diving board with collin!!!