Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Really Hot Day

Went to the splash park along with every other family in the area. Lydia was there too, but every photo of her is just a blur of her running past.

90 degrees in Boise is nothing. It's like 75 degrees in the South. LOVE IT!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

He's Two.

Don't judge me for taking these photos. I was sitting on the bed with my camera in my hands as this all went down. I like to capture the fun reality of our days.

A little stumble can cause a big upset that just keeps going....

and going....

and going.

Until finally the moment arrives when exhaustion takes over.

And it's playtime again!

It helps that Daddy has the magic touch.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little Ballerina

Last weekend was Lydia's final dance recital. It was pretty darling. 

Lydia's sweet friend Ava. 

It isn't hard to pick Lydia out from a crowd. 

And she is just so ladylike.

Collin usually has other things on his mind during dance class.

Mom. Leave me alone please.

Ta Da!

Even after missing the last month of rehearsals, Liddy did great. It was fun to see her perform. Of course it was the same night we were supposed to see U2 in concert in Seattle. If anyone tells you that being a parent isn't a sacrifice, don't believe them. Parenthood is awesome. But it tends to change things just a tad. Often in ways that aren't so awesome.

Now we enter a summer where I have absolutely nothing planned. I'm a little scared.