Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last Playdate

Leaving Chattanooga is hard for so many reasons, but one of the hardest is breaking up Lydia and her best friend Kate. They have been friends since they were babies. Learned to love the Little Mermaid at the same time. Giggled and fought like sisters. Wendy (Kate's mom) and I learned to be mommies together.

When we told Lydia we were moving to Boise, she got all excited, then gasped. "Wait! What about Kate?!?". I know. Breaks your heart. I know they will be wonderful pen pals.

This was one of their first playdates. I took photos since their tops matched. (Not planned.)

Wendy and I decided to take the girls on one last playdate. This time to a lovely tea house just up the road. My how they have grown.


  1. Oh my goodness now I'm crying! I've never had a problem with moving before...but now I'm thinking it's going to be harder with the kids!

  2. Darling photos. You did a great job with the photos.
    love your blog.

  3. The hat Kate is wearing to the tea party is... wow! Great photos.

  4. The battle with comcast has finally come to an end (or at least a truce), and I have internet again. So here are my comments:

    1. Awwwww. Adorable! Pulling at the heart strings.

    2. The girls look almost exactly the same as they did as babies, but with long hair. Crazy. I love the comparison pics.

    3. I NEED that lense. Specs? Where to get it?

    4. Thanks for the fun idea, and the darling necklace, and everything else!

  5. Thank you for some wonderful memories.

    Kate's grandpa Cuthbertson (Bob)

  6. They are both beautiful little girls-- wonderful photos too! I am sure Lydia and Kate will have many more playdates together. My best friend moved to Queensland (Australia) when I was 11 (I live further south.) We are still in touch 20 years later!

  7. Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog. :) I have had a fun time looking around yours. I have to say this tea party and those little cuties in the hats are absolutely adorable! that made me smile! I remember tea parties with my sisters when i was little and made me miss that. :) can't wait to check out more on your blogs. Great picture taking by the way!