Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dinner on the lake

I totally forgot to check my "back up" camera when I got home from Spokane. What a treat, I found shots from our family dinner out at a floating restaurant to celebrate Abby's birthday. Like finding money in a pair of pants you rarely wear.

Have I mentioned I miss Washington lately?

I was pretending to get a shot of my sister and her husband....

But really I needed to get a shot of this guy! It is the pilot from Lost 15 years after getting off the island! At least we know he made it safely.

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  1. What restaurant did you go to? Sounds amazing!!

  2. In the third photo, is it just me or does the restaurant look like it's sinking? :)

  3. A great meal with those you love makes for a perfect time. I so need to wear some bangs!!!Mom

  4. It's called The Cedars. And it is amazing! Thanks again mom and dad :)